Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray for the Olfa Rotary Cutter!

I knew that the rotary cutter was famous among quilter's, but I don't quilt(yet!) and I didn't understand how this little cutter could make my life easier. Until now.

I found a fantastic 50% off deal including; cutter, ruler and the mat. It was the best opportunity for me to try the rotary cutter and after all if I didn't like it I would still have a new cutting mat. Only after a few cut's I realize how I could never make another straight cut without this tool. I am in love with my Olfa rotary cutter. It does a perfect straight cut every time with any fabric I have tried.

I was so excited about my new Olfa that I needed to find more information about this product. On the Olfa web page I discovered they are celebrating their 30th birthday this year. The first rotary cutter a 45mm blade was introduce back in 1979. Throughout the years many diameters were introduce from 18mm, 28mm, 60mm as well as a decorative edge for the 45mm. Later on, in 1999, we saw the introduction of the Olfa Deluxe model with it's ergonomic handle and safety lock system. The latest model was introduced in 2007. The most advanced rotary is now the Olfa Quick-Change Rotary Cutter, with extra safety features making it the best cutter ever!

I admire this company that takes a tried and proven product and keeps improving it. Olfa rocks!

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