Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quest for the Orangeman

I'm happy that the Orangeman is back!

We sold out on the Orangeman Cycling Cap last November, and I'm happy to present the new & improved Orangeman Cycling Cap!

The fabric is thinner and more comfortable than it's predecessor. The new version is made from cotton/polyester twill and 100% natural cotton trim.

This was a long quest that lasted awhile, around four months. I hate it when fabric suppliers don't renew their stock thinking that bright colors only sell in the Summer. My quest is actually half done. I'm still looking for the three color Dutch stripe.

I've exhausted my limited resources around town, now I'm ready to go outside Vancouver on a road trip.Tomorrow we'll check it out and go to Port Coquitlam to check out Fabricana's notion sale. Cross my fingers!

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