Monday, December 5, 2011

Climbing with the Polka Dots!

Hurray! Let there be DOTS!

Guess what I found at my new supplier, today?

As you may know, I've made two different versions of the popular Polka Dots cycling cap. Of course, no longer available due to discontinued fabric from my supplier. It's difficult to obtain the red dot pattern fabric. I'm thinking most fabric designers are not in tune with the Tour de France.

Today, Richard and I was about to leave the fabric shop with our notions when I saw, from the corner of eyes, the familiar red dots on white. I immediately zoomed onto it and purchased as much as I could.

I love it, it was meant to happen since I didn't find what I first was looking for. Next, I will wash the fabric and rework the design because the fabric seems like a lighter cotton.

This will be fun project!


  1. Interesting polka dot design for a cycling cap...

  2. Can't wait to work on this new cycling cap design.