Monday, January 31, 2011

Red Fabric Love!

Galstudio's Spanish Lover Cycling Cap.

It all started a few months before Christmas. Galstudio sold out on the Vuelta cycling cap and sadly we found out the fabric was no longer available. It had to be retired. We had requests for a red cycling cap so we set out in search of red fabric.

The perfect red fabric was a challenge to find. In fact, we discovered fabric that was too thick, too thin or not the right shade of red... until now. About three weeks ago, there it was, a beautiful cotton twill in the perfect shade of red. I love working with cotton twill and it's a fabric that is so suited for my cycling caps.

Richard suggested the name for our newest cap, The Spanish Lover Cycling Cap. It's a wonderful name, and so much easier, than Vuelta, to pronounce!

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