Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Birks forever!

"My 20 year old Birks"

I just notice, as I'm putting on my Birkenstocks to go off to the post office, these wonderful sandals have been my friend for twenty years.

The first time I saw them was on my friend who came back with a pair from the US at the end of 1980's. I never saw them in Quebec. I wanted to buy one. In Vancouver, sombre colors were offer but not funky colors. As I traveled by car down the west coast, I remember that cute little store in Del Mar California.

They had every model and color imaginable. I saw the nicest sandal in purple suede. It was love at first site. I believe they cost an expensive $125.00, not cheap. Over the years I have partially re-cork them and had new soles done on them. They just keep on working. It's the first shoes that give me the proper arch support I need. Words can't describe how comfortable they are. The only negative is that you cannot wear them for a very long hot trek. Your feet will burn. I wear them in the house especially when I'm sewing or standing for a very long time. When I want to relax I have them on.

Johann Birkenstock registered the name in 1774. In 1897, his grandson, Konrad developed the first contoured insole to be used by shoemakers. In 1902, he developed the first flexible arch support. Such a good product with a solid history. They're the oldest pair of shoes I have and with tender loving care I'll try to make them last for another twenty years. I also have another pair of lovable black Birks, for the last ten years, that are in need of re-corking.

Growing up in Quebec, it's one thing to wear Birkenstock's, it's a no no to wear socks with any sandals. So I'm a little shy to go out with knitted socks & Birks, but I must confess that I wear this combination in the house!

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  1. i love the pic of the purples! i wore birks for years, starting in the early 70's. then, my feet changed. now i can't find a style/size that works. i mourned the day i discovered that.