Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On the road with Galstudio cycling caps: tested & approved!

My friends, Pam and Toby just came back from a month bike adventure through the Oregon Coast, up into the High Cascades and down Northern California. I am so happy to share these picture's of their fun odyssey putting my cycling caps through a great test.

The result: The Galstudio cycling caps both past what Mother Nature could throw at them with flying colors!

Toby has the Capello del Nero cycling cap. Custom fitted for his big melon. And Pam has the Pyrenees cycling cap.

Still life...
Capello del Nero cycling cap, vino & courgette!

Toby & his trusted Galstudio cycling cap at Crater Lake.

Pam with her Galstudio Pyrenees cycling cap at the top of drizzly summit.

Thank you to Pam & Toby for the test.


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