Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Flemish has landed

The Make It Show is over and done ...and it was fantastic!

With the addition of another day, the show was intense. Saturday being the most intense. They broke a record: 1000 customers passed through the gate in 1 hour. A grand total of 8400 in 3.5 days.

I don't know how I managed it, but I found the time to make a Bike sign that really made our booth stand out. People loved it and kept complimenting us all throughout the show. I used christmas lights.

We brought along a huge diverse inventory. The big star was our wallet, and we introduced our newest 100% winter cycling cap; The Flemish! I redesigned the pattern and modified the ear flap to fit even better. We realize our caps would fit better if we offered two sizes. A great success! We are planning to look at the way we size our caps in order to provide a better choice of sizing.

As you probably guess, Richard has many caps and now he has a 100% wool winter cap. After a week without a ride, Richard didn't waste time to jump on his Marinoni. The next morning after the show, he went out to test the new Flemish cap. It was a cold morning close to 0C, perfect conditions to test the Flemish cap. The picture below is Richard back from his cold weather ride. He was tired ...but warm!

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